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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  October 10, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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administration issued it. >> the counterfeit air bags could cost you your life. they are your last line of defense, your air bags, and they're expensesive to replace. >> $1700. the other one is $800. >> reporter: the national highway traffic safety administration warns organized criminals are counterfeiting air bags and selling them in this country forejust a fraction of your cost, typically less than $100 a piece. testing shows some argumently in-- partially inflate. reputable repair shops, like this one in towson used imitation bumpers to save money but they won't look for bargains
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when this goes for air bags. >> used a factory air bag brand-new. they want to use one. they're out there on the market. i could order one and have it here tomorrow. the problem is i have no idea the condition of the air bag. >> reporter: the fake ones look almost identical and the counterfeiters use company insignias. federal regulators say if you've replaced your air bag in the last three years and it want through a dealer or purchased them online, have them checked out f you purchased a newer model used car, you may want to check them. >> no idea if the air bag never been deployed. if it as one of the imitation ones. i would say to anybody who buys a used car, it would probably
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cost about $1 4urbgs to have that -- $100 to have that checked out. >> now at this point they estimate the fake bags may affect only one vehicle out of every thousand or even less. jeff hager, abc2 news. toyota is recalling more than 7 million cars and trucks worldwide. the power windows could catch fire. the switch on the driver's side did in the get enough grease during production to cause trick son. this includes dozens of models from 2005 to 2010. it's the largest for toyota since twine -- 2009, 2010. >> your weather was nice. warmer than the last few days. take a look at the shot
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downtown, looking good and feeling good. 68 in town. 68 at the eastern shore. close to 70 degrees. a little bit of a wind kicked out of the westerly direction. that's a dry wind. some cooler layer will come. play as we head into the overnight hours. speak of the evening hours, 60 degrees. this is the yankee stadium forecast. 60 through the course of the evening. 53 for the nighttime hours and a chilly 41 degrees as we head into the predawn hours tomorrow. we'll talk about a cooldown as we go into thursday and friday. we'll discuss that coming up. >> thanks. a 13-year-old girl taken too soon from her family. monae turnage was shot earlier this year by two friends playing
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with a gun. the gun was later found in a baltimore police officer's car. we learned the state's attorney's office will not charge officer john ward. the mayor said ward remains on administrative leave. >> as a mother, the thought of an officer -- the thought of the allegations -- it's hard to imagine the pain that that would cause that family. >> two boys ages 12 and 13 were sentenced back in may for turnage's death. one is being monitored at home. the other is are sfing six month -- serving six months in a juvenile center. two boys set up 13 bombs in the parking lot of a mormon church on saturday. no property was damaged. a neighbor heard several explosions and called police. >> i think it's horrible. just too close to home, you know.
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>> the kids told police they learned to build the bottle bombs off the internet. billy clubs, knives, duct tape, body bags a few of the items found on a man trying to go through custom. he arrived covered in body arm more. inside his bag investigators found a slew of weapons and other tools including a gas mask, handcuffs and cooking tongs. >> the possibilities are endless as far as what he could have done to it. >> federal investigators are looking into how harris and his suitcase made in on to the plane in japan. a parking garage under construction collapsed, killing one person. several others are hurt a construction worker was rescued but another person is still trapped. s this all happened at the miami-dade college campus. witnesses said the five-story garage came crashing down like a deck of cards.
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investigators are trying to figure out what caused the garage to collapse. >> he was an all pro lineman for devoit but many will remember alex karas as the lovable character on the sitcom. he was diagnosed with dementia. in april he joined more than 3500 football veterans suing the nfl for not doing enough to protect them from head injuries. lance armstrong challenged the appointment doping group to name names. it details cheating by armstrong's teams and names 11 former teammates as key wits. the antidoping group charges him -- accuses him of depending on it to fuel his victories. he does insist he never cheated. let's take a trip to the big apple. we are hoping for pan o'maze --
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an omazing trip to the bronx. >> we have team coverage from the new yankees stadium. >> reporter: you can feel. it can you feel this down there? yankees stadium. to get to the world series, you always have this go through new york but it's the orioles who are putting up a major roadblock. let's go to where the birds have landed. hanging around the club, you get the since they are not intimidated. it's hard to route against the orioles. they're the type of club that new york loves like miguel done discal less. a rod is the lightning rod for
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the past 24 hours. he will be hitting third. these fronts row seats close to 2,000 dollars. that's a family of four, $8,000. jay z, spike lee, they will all be here. mariano rivera will throw out the first pitch. used to you would be afraid to wear your jersey or orioles hat. >> it's exciting. i talked to some fans who made a bus trip. some are staying over to watch the next game tomorrow night. what they're excited about is this kid. they want to see him pitch. he's won two games. it's going to be a hostile crowd. >> if he can get a rod to strike out, wouldn't that be something.
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he went to the bus trip today. >> i'm a big orioles fan. i'm from baltimore and moved to st. louis two years ago. my brother and i always dreamed about the orioles make the playoffs. the fact that they're here hadn't i had to get back her at all cost. >> the orioles got here at all cost. you mentioned mariano rivero. what i like to watch, they throw a lot of first pitch strikes. it's tough. it makes it tough for the orioles. what do you do? swing away or take it. that's what i will be looking for tonight. >> you'll be watching for one thing -- a rod. this place will implode. >> we have the x factor.
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this is the tie i wore on monday when the orioles won. so a little bit of superstition going on. if it works, you might see it again tomorrow. >> listen, baltimore fans, you can get. the stadium. i think it will drop to $35. >> in fact, an sorry ideal or two fan in line. >> game four tomorrow. he will hold c.c. sabathia. lots to watch tonight. we're live at -- at yankees stadium. >> that will clench it for sure. all right. thanks so much. >> baltimore is ready for that
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big win. they unveiled a good luck banner to show the city's support. you're truly the best baseball fans. we have proof. le a find it -- you'll find it on you'll find post season pics. they're all on there. >> that's good. you got to go to the doctor. the first thing they ask -- do i have to get a shot? >> an alternative to the flu shot. >> more cases of meningitis in maryland. we'll explain why one doctor said there's no need to pan eke. >> your dog may show you affection by giving you a smooch but you should put pan end to
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puckering up to your pooch. it's heavy lifting. you start with a democratic senator named ben. by getting bwi-marshall funding for new runways, he's helping us serve 21 million passengers a year, which helps keep 100,000 jobs that depend on the airport,
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and that means more cargo for more businesses and more skycaps unloading more taxis... welcome to bwi. ...carrying families with more luggage. thanks. it's like he's out here with us. he's my friend, ben. i hope he's your friend, too. i'm ben cardin, and i approve this message.
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parents, you know taking your kids to the doctor is no fun, especially when they have to get a shot. if you don't want to hear the crying and whining, flu mist is approved for kids two years and older and it has very mild side effects. >> there may be pain and swelling at the site of the injection, maybe feeling tired for 24 hours after, but that is really the extent of the side effects. >> doctors warn if your child has an egg allergy, you should talk to your pediatrician. >> october is breast cancer awareness month. abc2 is working for you. this months we're helping to grelt your questions answered -- get your questions answered with
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our think pink session until 6:30 tonight. we have people standing by right now we're joined by the chair of radiology oncology. doctor, thanks for joining us. let's talk about radiation. we hear about radiation and chemotherapy. does everybody need radiation? >> especially when you're trying to preserve the breasts. years ago everybody used to get a mastectomy if you had early stage breast cancer. when they remove your lump, hopely a small lump because you were diagnosed with ma'am nothing mammography, radiation has made it so most all patients who want to keep their breast,
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get to keep it and keep it with the full confidence that there's been no decrease in their chance for cure. >> treatments and therapies have evolved over the years. can you tell us -- can people handle it better? >> you used to hear about the radiation burns. now because of the technology in terms of higher energy and some of the other things we do, especially at the university of maryland, making sure the lung and heart have decreased, potion shushing the patients tolerate it better. people can work their jobs full-time while getting treatment. >> it's amazing. >> tell us about some of the new technology. >> we've developed a first of its kind technology, undergoing fda testing right now. it's called the gamma pod. it will be the first machine
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able to deliver high dose raidcation to early stage breast tumors. what we predict is we will have gone from patients having to have mastectomies to patients can have lumpectomies and with the gamma pod, patients will not even need surgery, which will be really need. their treatments, instead of five, seven weeks, because of the gamma pods, the patient will need one, two, maybe three treatments and they're done. >> doctor, thank you very much for joining us. we want to let you know, we will be taking your call. there's also an opportunity for you to get involved in the fight against breast cancer. komen race for the cure will
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take place. you can still register. the number to call is 413-333-race. are you the kind of person who loves giving your dog kisses? it could mean dental problems for both of you. dogs and humans can have periodone ties, an inflammatory mouth disease. researchers believe it happens when pet owners come in close contact with their dogs. will this story make you stop kissing your pet? i know it'sment going to stop -- know it's not going to stop anything for mike masco. we'll start you have with a time lapse. that mixed out during the course of the hours. look at the sunshine.
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we got our temperature up to 70 in parts of the state. bel air, a blend of sunshine a beautiful afternoon. temperatures almost in the 60s. ellicott city enjoying a very nice afternoon with temperatures back to seasonable levels. here's the shot downtown. really gorgeous evening. 67 degrees. humidity dry at 45%. notice that westerly wind. that is bringing in the drier air but also going to col our temperatures down as we head into tonight. we should be 69 this time of the year. we're on par for average. how about 93. that record stays in the books. here are temperatures. 67 to 63 now in hagerstown. that is where we're going to see the cold air source that will come down. that will knock our temperatures into the 50s and we're on our way into the 40s. take a look at our 24-hour
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temperature change. we're seven degrees warmer, but, again that will change as we are expecting some cooler air. notice the clouds starting to push through washington, dare rete counties. that will bring the wind shift, nine, 10-mile-an-hour winds. so that will usher in the cooler air through tonight. at 8:00 we're at 60 degrees, cool conditions through 11:00. more on abc2 news at 11, right around 53. we wake up to your thursday morning crisp, cool. maryland's most powerful radar back down into delaware. a few spot showers over central papa-- pennsylvania. not a washout. we're calling it an isolated situation. there's the cool front out toward the west. that comes in. we've got a nice skyline set up over ohio.
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that's in here for tomorrow and another system for friday. that will be a dry frontal passage but bringing if cooler air, kind of a reinforcing shot. 66. that's where the warm specter s we're -- warm sector is. high pressure tomorrow sunshine and cloud mix color. friday another dry frontal passage but that will knock the temperatures back down and increase our winds. maryland's most accurate calling for mostly clear skies, chilly, 43 degrees. we're down into the 40s tomorrow night, upper 30s just outside the beltway. your forecast, breezy day on friday, 63. saturday a bit of a chill in the area at 61. got the ravens game, looks good, feels good. breezy, milder for monday, right around 73, so not a bad
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forecast. we're drying. >> a taste of fall. >> sure, it's with us and a warming trend and temperatures come back down. we'll show you great cameras from the bronx. that's coming up at 5:30. >> all right. coming up. he gets hit by a car and lives to talk about it. >> and the cringe worthy crash is caught on tape. we'll hear from the victim as he recovers from this accident. >> it sounds like a dream to run down the aisle to fill everything in that cart. how the super market shoppers are helping out those in need.
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a hit and run victim said it's a blessing he's still alive. he got hit by a car on his way to work in north carolina. a car runs right into him. lewis rolls up on to the windshield before hitting the ground. >> i remember waking up. i was bleeding. my hand was all messed up, leg was messed up. he could have helped mow out. >> lewis now walks with a cane but is recovering. a not chase ends with a police officer crashing into a brick garage. it happened in detroit. police started following a man believed to be involved in drug activity. while one officer chased one on food, the officer has minor injuries. the man being chased got away. the outbreak continues to
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spread with meningitis. >> why one doctor said there's no need to pan air strike you may shop at walmart but may not feel like comfortable couch. you may not have to. >> a new studied as up how much you have to spend on a job to get yourself a cold one in america and around the world.
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